Zaytoun Lemon Olive Oil Soap (100g)

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Smother your skin in the moisturising suds made by Zaytoun’s traditional handmade olive oil soap. Made from their own fair trade and hand-harvested olive oil and infused with naturally antibacterial lemon, the soap is crafted and cut by expert artisans in beautiful old soap houses in Nablus, where they’ve been producing soap since the 10th century. Olive oil is full of natural antioxidants, Vitamin E, fights bacteria, and gently moisturises the skin. Using oil based products can even help to balance oil production, working wonders for acne prone or combination complexions.

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From the home of the olive tree, Zaytoun found its feet in 2004 as a community interest company, providing support to reams of olive growers in Palestine. Zaytoun sprung from a love of good food – and was initially funded by hundreds of olive oil enthusiasts who gave advance payments for an ethical, wholesome, and artisanal oil that’d offer them that feel-good feeling when splashing it on a salad, or making food for their loved ones.

Zaytoun has expanded massively since then, and now prides itself on building real, living connections between countless Palestinian olive growers and the foodies who know good quality when they taste it.



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