White Marble Candlestands

White Marble Candlestands
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Believe it or not, but these candle holders are technically millions of years old. Each candle holder in this set of 2 has been handcrafted by stoneworkers for a fair trade group in India. An ancient piece of Baswara 'marble' stone is carved by the artisans as it spins on an axel, and then hand-polished to a smooth, glass-like finish.

Each candle holder is able to to hold dinner candles and tapered candles.

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Tara Projects

In the early 1970s, in the hustle-bustle of Delhi, Tara Projects was born. Delhi and the surrounding areas was home to a host of talented artisans, demonstrating expert skills from glass-working to stone-carving. Most of these craftspeople were home-based, meaning they were at risk of being isolated and weren’t reaching much of an audience with their artwork.


  • Baswara stone
  • Large: H6.5cm x Top D3.5 x base D5cm Hole 2 cm
  • H4.5cm x Top D3.5 x base D5cm, Hole 2 cm


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