What Can My Church Do?

Dear Friends,

Firstly, thank you to those of you who have regularly supported the work of Traidcraft over the last 39 years. Your regular purchases really do make a difference in the lives of producers in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Secondly, you may have seen recent news coverage about the future of this amazing fair trade business being at risk and our revolutionary new plan for the future. You can read our latest Traidcraft update here >> 

But we still need your help.

A number of you have kindly asked “What can my church do?”

The short answer is BUY MORE FROM TRAIDCRAFT.

In these most challenging times, the organisation needs a really good trading period between now and Christmas. As well as fair trade groceries, we offer a wonderful range of fair trade Christmas decorations, ethical gifts, charity Christmas cards and a wide collection of handmade homewares, from recycled glassware to handcrafted cushions and soft furnishings. We truly believe that our Autumn collection is our most impactful yet, so we hope you enjoy it.

Please consider doing the following:

    • Visit a Traidcraft stall in a church near you
    • Shop online, discover more about the organisation, its impact, and how you can support it.......and encourage friends or family to do the same
    • Tell the rest of your church congregation about Traidcraft - place a piece in your pewsheet (suggested text at the bottom of this page), or speak about Traidcraft during the service
    • Buy your church tea, coffee, biscuits and cleaning products from Traidcraft. We even stock toilet roll!
    • Traidcraft Exchange, our sister charity, is a separate organisation, and whilst they are not immediately affected by the changes, they are very reliant on the support of Fair Traders and customers. This core support enables them to develop new projects and to be outspoken in advocating for a world where all trade is fair. Whilst Traidcraft considers its future, Traidcraft Exchange is looking at what it might do to help producers potentially affected by the news. Please visit the Traidcraft Exchange website to make sure you keep in touch with them. 

Fair Trade Tea

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Fair Trade Coffee

Shop Fair Trade Coffee

Fair Trade biscuits

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Fair Trade Cleaning

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A bit of background... 

Traidcraft was established in 1979, as a Christian response to world poverty. It was one of the founding partners of the whole Fair Trade movement. Over almost 40 years it has pioneered new fair trade sectors and helped improve the lives of many vulnerable and poor communities around the world. Currently Traidcraft works with over 100 producers from 30 countries.

The Board of Traidcraft has accepted a plan for the future of the plc which has room for 12 employees and will begin its work at the start of 2019. It will maximise the profitable parts of the business, phase out loss-making lines, create a membership culture and set a new high bar for ethical trading in the UK. You can read latest the Traidcraft update here >> 


For your pewsheet...

If you want to place something in your pewsheet, you might find the following text helpful:

The fair trade pioneer, Traidcraft plc, has recently been going through challenging times.

Following a period of consultation and hundreds of messages of support from shareholders, customers, Fair Traders, fair trade retailers, staff, suppliers, and producers, Traidcraft plc has announced a plan in which the company will be radically downsized, restructured, and transformed into a fair trade business with the strength to challenge those who profit unduly from unfair trade.

Traidcraft will once again be a fair trade business of tomorrow, but it needs your help.

It’s inevitable that during this transformation some of the partnerships that Traidcraft has had with producer groups in developing countries will come to an end. Traidcraft plc is working closely with its sister charity Traidcraft Exchange to support the producers most at risk.

During this time of change, there are two ways you can support both Traidcraft and Traidcraft Exchange to make a difference:

  1. Buy Traidcraft products. Seek out the Traidcraft stall in your church, in a church nearby, or do your shopping online at www.traidcraftshop.co.uk . It’s vital that Traidcraft’s Autumn/Winter Season is successful, and that we support them by buying fair trade through Traidcraft into the new year too. Every single product you buy invests in the organisation’s brighter future.
  2. Support the producers who stand to lose the most when Traidcraft downsizes by donating to Traidcraft Exchange’s Urgent Producer Appeal.  Your donation will help secure a new future for at-risk Traidcraft producers as well as helping Traidcraft Exchange to continue their work with 300,000 farmers, workers and artisans in developing countries. Sign up to hear about the appeal at www.traidcraft.org.uk .