What Can I do?

Dear friends,

Thank you to all those who have supported the work of Traidcraft over the last 39 years. You really have made a difference in the lives of producers in some of the world's poorest communities.

Secondly, you may have seen recent news coverage about the future of this amazing fair trade business being at risk and our revolutionary new plan for the future. You can read our latest Traidcraft update here >> 

But we still need your help.

A number of you have kindly asked “What can I do?”

If you care about fair trade – if you think it’s a good thing and worthy of supporting, if you think that farmers and producers deserve just a little bit more of the pie, then you are exactly the kind of person we want to know.

Traidcraft invented fair trade in the UK – all of it – everything you have ever heard about fair trade came for us.

The reality is that while you believe in Traidcraft, because of the time pressures and complexity of life, you probably buy a lot of your fair trade shopping from a supermarket. Please don't.

Please buy fair trade from Traidcraft.

We created the concept of fair trade in the UK. We do fair trade with all of our hearts, and with every product you buy from us, you can be sure that a disadvantaged producer is benefitting, and not some anonymous multinational.

Go online.

Buy fair trade food. Buy fair trade tea and coffeeBuy handcrafted homewaresBuy your Christmas presents.

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Tell your friends about Traidcraft. Share this message in an email. Download and share this Traidcraft poster

If you're part of a church, spread the word with your church community. Visit a Traidcraft Stall in a church near you.  Read our 'What Can My Church do?" page for other ways that your church can help.

Traidcraft Exchange, our sister charity, is a separate organisation, and whilst they are not immediately affected by the changes, they are very reliant on the support of Fair Traders and customers. This core support enables them to develop new projects and to be outspoken in advocating for a world where all trade is fair. Whilst Traidcraft plans its future, Traidcraft Exchange is looking at what it might do to help producers potentially affected by the news. Please visit the Traidcraft Exchange website to make sure you keep in touch with them. 

It’s your world. Take control.

Fair Trade Christmas

Fair Trade Christmas

Fair Trade Homewares

Fair Trade Homewares

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Fair Trade Gifts

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