We Are 100% Transparent

Over the past 40 years, Traidcraft has pioneered the first fair trade chocolate, coffee, tea, fruit juice, wine, rice, honey, charcoal, rubber, palm oil… In fact, almost everything we know today as fair trade began with Traidcraft.

Four decades on, at the end of 2020, we’re pioneering the start of a new movement; a 100% transparent movement. We want Traidcraft to be a premium, ethical business. Transparency is at the heart of what we do; it is part of our mission, part of our DNA. Good or bad, we are showing you the true costs and actually how little (rightly or wrongly) of that cost goes towards the ingredients in our products. Do any of these figures surprise you?

This is only the start.

We hope other companies will join us to create a movement. See the true costs of your products below. It’s great having you on board.

Key Explanation

Cost of Ingredients:

The raw ingredients that go into the product: Fairtrade, Organic or not. This includes the fair price we give to our producers and the Fairtrade Premium used by producers/artisans and their communities.

Cost of Packaging and Production:

Manufacturers’ overhead costs, packaging, transport and profit.

Traidcraft's Overhead Costs:

• All staff costs/salaries
• Building/warehouse costs including heating and electricity 
• Delivery costs
• All IT costs
• All legal/auditing/certification costs
• All Marketing and Sales costs (advertising, marketing, trade events etc.)
• All Product Development costs
• All costs associated with trips to producers, external meetings etc.
• Costs of running a closed pension scheme

If you would like a breakdown of these costs to the penny, they are always available in our published accounts each year.

Cost of Ingredients’ Packaging & Production:

Unfortunately we don’t have the ingredients breakdown of all of our products, however, for such products we have shared the combined costs of making this product.

Traidcraft's Customer Discounts:

At Traidcraft we sell directly to customers, but we also sell to re-sellers (our wonderful army of Fairtraders), retailers and wholesalers. These customer groups have various discounts, we have averaged this out at 20% off the RRP.

Traidcraft's Profit:

The small amount that we strive to make after all our overheads have been taken into consideration.


Some products have VAT; in grocery this mostly involves luxury items, especially chocolate! The customer is charged the VAT, so you will see some RRPs where we have removed the VAT so the RRP will be 20% less than what you normally see on our website or catalogue.

Traidcraft Biscuits

We hope that now you know exactly where every penny of the money you paid for our fair trade biscuits goes, each bite will be even sweeter. Did you know that along with a medley of fair trade ingredients, our cookies contain FairPalm palm oil? To find out more, see our feature on sustainable palm oil.


Traidcraft Coffee

In order to provide better prospects for coffee cultivation and thus for farmers in the countries of origin, several of the world's most influential coffee roasters, including Traidcraft, joined forces to form "The Coffee Transparency Pledge". Our 100% transparent coffee range is one step further into the depths of the movement.


Traidcraft Tea

Our whole range of Traidcraft tea is not only Great Taste Award-winning, grown and harvested by smallholder farmers and packaged locally at Ringtons HQ, but now it’s 100% transparent.


Traidcraft Confectionary

Here is the breakdown of costs for all of our sweets and chocolate bars. Apart from being 100% transparent, our sweets and chocolate bars now all come in compostable or recyclable packaging. If you want to learn how to home compost, see our blog post where we quizzed the RHS’s Chief Horticulturalist


Store Cupboard

We pride ourselves in bringing you the most sustainable, environmentally friendly range of store cupboard essentials. Now, you can check out exactly where your money is going when you invest in these products to stock your kitchen cupboards.



From fair trade gardening gloves, to recycled kitchen and toilet roll that’s also vegan-friendly, whatever your household needs, we’re your one-stop shop. And if you want to see exactly how much we pay for overheads, raw materials, packaging, and even how much profit we make – here it is!