Ukuva iAfrica Duo Gift Set

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This tasteful gift set would make a wonderful present for a loved one, or simply a real treat for your own kitchen. Coming with two of Ukuva iAfrica’s most popular products, it’s a great way to add a splash of fair trade to your meal preparation, as well as adding bags of taste, too!  
This eye-catching gift set comes with a 125ml bottle of Zulu Fire. Although not blisteringly hot, we advise you approach with caution – as this really will add a kick to any dish. It complements tomatoes, beef, carrots, onions, chicken and can even be used as a marinade, during cooking. For super chilli fans who crave the spice, it can be used as a table condiment or dipping sauce, as it has a thick pouring sauce consistency, with visible chilli seeds. 
This pack also comes with a 60g Swahili Lemon Pepper Grinder. This product is delicious when used with steamed green vegetables, chicken, duck, fish, pork, potatoes, root vegetables and green salads, and also great as a table condiment. As it’s completely Fairtrade certified, you can rest assured that not only does it taste good, but it does good, too! 

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Ukuva’s story is a travellers’ tale told in flavours. In the early days of the 1990s, a traveller with a rucksack full of wanderlust and a head full of dreams left London on a journey of discovery.

He and his companion travelled across Africa, eating a thousand or two meals along the way and collecting recipes to inspire them when they returned home. Ukava iAfrica is the culmination of these recipes, with some added in later by other free-thinking travellers. Such is the nature of Africa – filled with characterful travellers and colourful stories, all interwoven within the fabric of life.

Ukuva iAfrica Duo Gift Set

Zulu Fire Sauce 125ml Ingredients: Water, vinegar, chilli (9%), sweet potatoe (4%), carrot, cane sugar,canola oil,onion,cayenne pepper, citric acid,salt,garlic, paprika, oleoresin, xanthan gum, potassuim sorbate,sodium benzoate. 

Lemon Pepper Ingredients: Black Pepper, (50%), sea salt,garlic (20%),lemon pell, orange peel, chives,natural lemon oil, natural orange oil. Black Peppercorns: Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers. Total 50%. Visit

No ingredients contain allergens In making this product we have taken steps to minimise cross-contamination with nuts, sesame seeds

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