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Traidcraft System Update

Update from Customer Services 

We wanted to take this opportunity to share some good news with you all. We’re currently going through a system upgrade (launch date 25th July) which will dramatically reduce our carbon footprint, which is essential for us as an eco-friendly company like Traidcraft. Along with our commitment to the environment, we hope that our upgrade will make your ordering process quicker and simpler, but if you have any questions that aren’t covered below, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. As with any big change, we anticipate minor teething troubles, so please have patience and bear with us.

Here are some of the main changes and how they will affect you:

• Your invoices and statements will look different but will include the same information.
Note: With the protection of the environment in mind, we will be cutting down the amount of paper we send out. Everyone we have an email address for, we’ll be automatically switching to e-documents (see below for more information on this).

• There will be a ‘Pay Now’ button on your e-invoice, that you can click through to make your payment. This will make the payment process much quicker and easier for you.

• Previously there has been a packing list in each parcel, stating exactly what is inside your parcel, where after the update, there will only be one per order. This will drastically cut down the amount of paper we use, which will in turn reduce our carbon footprint.

• All items in your order will be despatched at the same time, rather than being split over two days which can sometimes happen now. This will help in both reducing the carbon footprints of the delivery drivers and means you will only need to be available once to accept delivery.

• We will now be using handheld devices in the warehouse, reducing the amount of paper we use.

• There will be a slight delay with orders placed after 1pm on Tuesday 23rd July. We aim to start despatching these on Friday 26th, but again, we appreciate your patience with any initial setbacks and trust you will understand that we are upgrading so that the ordering process will be better for you, our valued customers, in the long run.

Paper Invoices and Statements

As part of our commitment to the environment, from the 31st of July 2019, Traidcraft will no longer be automatically sending paper documents. Apart from drastically reducing our carbon footprint, this decision will also save the company around £15,000 per year.

If we have an e-mail address for you, there will be an automatic transfer if you are not already subscribed to e-documents. If we don’t already have your e-mail address, please send your information to or call 0191 4910855 and select option 3.
Should you wish to use a different e-mail for financial documents, please contact us and we can put that in place for you.

N.B. Changes made online regarding your contact information will only apply to correspondence and will not be transferred over to your financial preferences - this needs to be done here in Gateshead.

Please don’t be concerned if you currently do not have access to an email address, call us on 0191 491 0855 and select option 3 to discuss alternatives. If you need to contact us we would appreciate it if you wait until after the initial upgrade, we will continue to send paper documents in the meantime.

Traidcraft System Update

Ways To Pay

To deposit a cheque at the Post Office, you can use your pre-printed, personalised HSBC/first direct paying in slip. Your unique paying in book will have a personalised serial number, linked to your account. If you’ve never had one before or you require a replacement book, you can request one by getting in touch with us via email or phone.

Please note that cheques will take at least an additional working day to reach us but may take longer if the you miss the cut-off time at your local Post Office branch. The cut-off time varies from branch to branch, so please check with a member of staff at your local Post Office for further details. Please also note that you won’t be able to pay cash using the Post Office.

Find your nearest Post Office branch here >>

Simply place your cheque, along with a completed pre-printed personal playing in slip, into an HSBC branded envelope (provided by the Post Office). Then, seal the envelope, complete the details on the front of the envelope and hand it in over the Post Office counter. The Post Office will provide a receipt for the envelope.

If it’s more convenient for you to pay at your local HSBC branch, you can use any HSBC branch to pay cash or a cheque. If it's a mixture of cash and cheque, please use a slip for cash and another for cheques.

Find your nearest HSBC branch here >> 

As paying for your orders at Post Offices and HSBC branches eliminates the need to post us your payments, this will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but it will save you the cost of a stamp!

In addition, we also support online payments and bank transfer services. You can click on the 'pay now button' area on your digital invoice and it will take you directly to the payment section online.

Bank transfer: please remit funds in GSP to HSCB Bank, sort code 40-34-21, account 71271164, quoting your customer account number. For international transfers, please use IBAN number GB31HBUK40342171271164.

Debit/credit card payments – please visit and go to My Account or call Sales Support Team on 0191 491 0855.
Cheque – please send cheque payments to the address supplied, quoting your account number on the reverse of all items.

Sales Support Team Update August 2019

We’d like to thank you all for your patience during our system upgrade. We hope that all minor problems have now been ironed out and that your invoices are now arriving as expected.

We would also like to mention due to the recent system upgrade, we are no longer able to amend orders once they’re placed, either on the website or over the telephone. As always, if you have any issues or questions, please give us a call.