Traidcraft Freeze Dried Decaff Coffee (100g)

Traidcraft Freeze Dried Decaff Coffee (100g)
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Sometimes you'd like the comforting warmth and smooth intensity of a cup of coffee without the caffeine hit, and that's where decaffeinated coffee comes in!

This fair trade decaffeinated instant coffee (strength 3) has been made from 100% freeze dried Arabica beans, hand-picked by traditional growers in Guatemala. All of the coffee beans are harvested from a single source, and have been decaffeinated using the natural Mountain Water Decaf Process. So put your feet up and indulge in the delights of hand-grown coffee without the fear of being awake all night as a result!

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Traidcraft has been pioneering fair trade since 1979 and our Traidcraft food brand is based on a vision of changing lives through trade.

The Traidcraft branded range of fair trade food and drink covers a broad spectrum of categories: from quality tea and coffee, through to delicious organic chocolate and everyday baking essentials. 

  • Smooth and intense 100% Arabica blend of freeze dried instant coffee
  • Decaffeinated using the natural Mountain Water Decaf process
  • Made from Fairtrade coffee beans, grown and handpicked by the fair trade co-operative CIPAC in Guatemala
  • 100g jar

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Store in cool dry place.


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