Traidcraft Gardening Gloves (M)

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Whether you're pruning the roses, planting some bulbs, or simply pottering around the garden, these puncture and thorn-proof gardening gloves will see you through without a single nail being chipped. These particular latex gardening gloves are in size Medium. Made from natural rubber harvested at the first light of dawn in Sri Lanka, these unisex gloves have a soft cotton lining to keep your fingers cosy and an elasticated wrist cup to stop any flora or fauna from finding their way in.

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Traidcraft work in partnership with Dipped Products to bring to the UK our fair trade natural rubber gloves. Believe it or not, Traidcraft are connected to over 1,100 rubber farmers through the work done by Dipped in Sri Lanka.

  • Size - Medium
Best Before: 31 Mar 2021


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