Traidcraft PLC’s Annual General Meeting

Virtual AGM

To be held by zoom webinar on Wednesday, 30th September 2020 at 10.30am

For the first time in Traidcraft's history, the AGM will take place virtually this year. COVID 19 has upended so much in our lives and we are making use of the Government’s recent legislation to avoid a physical meeting and its inherent health risks. The webinar and AGM will be recorded for administrative purposes.


  • 10.15am The virtual “waiting room” on ZOOM will be open. Please do join before 10.30am so that we can start promptly.
  • 10.30am Start of proceedings:
    • Directors Report
    • Questions and Answers
    • Trustees Response
  • 11.00am Opening of Formal AGM
  • 11.30am End of AGM
  • 11.35am Traidcraft Exchange will provide an update on their activities.  This is not part of the formal AGM but will be of interest to many of you.

Registration for the AGM

You will need to register in advance if you wish to join us at the AGM. Webinars can be hacked or “zoom bombed” and to avoid any possible disruption, we will also make sure that the AGM is password protected. The password will be provided following registration.

For additional security, you will have been allocated a Unique Registration Number (URN) for easy identification in your invitation, sent via email. You will need your URN to register for the AGM, to cast your vote on the resolutions and to attend the webinar on the day. Please contact with any queries.

Please click here to register or copy and paste the following link into your browser and select ‘Join Meeting as an Attendee’.

AGM Display Folder Contents

Under normal circumstances, there would be a physical display folder available at the AGM containing the following documents. This folder would usually be available to attendees in hardcopy throughout the AGM.

As the AGM is virtual this year, a redacted version of these documents is available on request at the Traidcraft Offices in Gateshead or by emailing

Documents included: Articles of Association, Directors’ Contracts, Directors’ Register of Interests, Directors’ Shareholdings.