Together Green Recycled Kitchen Roll (2 pack)

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Wipe away the worries about your carbon footprint with these eco-friendly recycled paper kitchen rolls. Let's be green - together! These rolls of 3-ply recycled toilet tissue are as virtuous as they come. Everytime you use these 3-ply kitchen towels to wipe away a spill you know that you're saving countless trees and forests from being cut down. Each roll contains an average 55 fair trade paper sheets for you to feel heroic about. By choosing to use Together Green white kitchen rolls you're not only saving the earth, you're saving people too. Every pack of toilet roll you buy contributes to a very special development fund which changes lives around the world. The current project in action is bringing clean and safe drinking water to remote communities.

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Palm oil often has a bad reputation, and for good reason. The landscape is stripped to plant palm trees, leaving local wildlife with nowhere to turn. And because palm oil is in everything from toothpaste to your favourite pizza - the world keeps on needing it.

‘I enjoy selling palm cane. I sell direct, there is no middleman, so the price is fair. I have a better life, I want to do well.’

(Daniel Nyano, Serendipalm)

  • 2 Roll pack
  • 100% Recycled paper
  • White 3-ply quilted kitchen roll
  • 2 rolls per pack, with an average of 55 sheets per roll
  • Every purchase contributes towards a special Traidcraft producer development fund
  • We are rated as one of the most ethical companies in this Ethical Consumer buyers guide to toilet paper »