Together Green Recycled Facial Tissues

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Acchhhooooo! Looks like you might need a tissue. How about a 2-ply facial tissue made from 100% recycled paper? Everytime you blow your nose or wipe away a tear you know you're saving countless trees and forests from being cut down. Each box contains 110 fair trade tissues for you to feel heroic about. But in choosing these eco-friendly white tissues you're not only saving the earth, you're saving people too. Every box of tissues you buy contributes to a very special development fund which changes lives around the world. The current project in action is bringing clean and safe drinking water to remote communities.

  • 100% Recycled paper
  • White 2-ply facial tissue
  • 110 family size sheets per box
  • Every purchase contributes towards a special Traidcraft producer development fund


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