Three Pack Recycled Pink and Gold Pencils

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Perhaps you’re caught up in the ‘back to school madness’ or a keen sketcher yourself, no matter what your reason is for buying pencils, make sure it’s a pack of these future-proof, environmentally friendly pencils from VENT. Sustainably made from recycled CD cases which could otherwise have ended their life in landfill, these bright, modern pencils are pink with a metallic gold embossed design 
Apart from being gentle on the environment, these pencils have a real inspirational tale behind them. In 2014, environmental entrepreneur, Evan Lewis, bought a run-down facility producing pencils from recycled CD cases, which soon became a successful and lucrative business. At the time, there was a string of devastating man-made and natural disasters effecting children worldwide, especially their education. Pencils are a universal symbol of education and unity between children all over the world, which aided Evan’s ‘light bulb moment’. 
With money that the company was making from pencil sales, he decided to give money to rebuild schools, pay teachers and provide essential materials, and even launched Share a Pencil Day. Check out our blog for more information about VENT and their inspirational work.

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More Information
Brand Traidcraft
  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • Pack of 3 pencils
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