Thought Solid Jackie Black Soft Bamboo Women's Socks

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Bright and colourful socks certainly have a time and a place, but if you’re simply looking for a classic, black sock, you can’t go wrong with Thought’s range of timeless, silky, bamboo socks. 

Breathable, anti-bacterial and incredibly comfortable, these socks are created from sustainably grown bamboo, organic cotton, recycled polyester and elastane. Bamboo learns quick, cooling you down in the summer and warming you up in the winter. This material blend is just as gentle on the environment as it is on your feet; growing fast and using minimal resources. 

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Thought tread lightly, in that they take every step possible, every day, to show love and respect to the people who make the clothing as well as to the environment.

Thought has grown from its first capsule wardrobe of hemp and ramie fibre shirts to a fully conscious contemporary range, sourced sustainably and ethically. Iconic pieces created with the earth in mind and designed as classics, lasting for generations.


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