Terracotta Incense Diffuser with Rose Scented Perfume

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The scent of rose is often the scent of memories. It might remind you of someone you love, somewhere you’ve been, or even just take your imagination to a garden of wild roses, rich with natural beauty. This fair trade rose perfume diffuser has been handmade in Calcutta, and uses natural reeds to wick the scent of a bouquet of roses.

Each natural incense diffuser comes with a rustic little terracotta bottle to stand on a shelf, and contain the reeds and rose perfume.

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For over 3000 years, the Dalits (or ‘Untouchables’) have been positioned at the bottom of the Indian society. Judged to be lower in status than animals, there are over 250 million Dalits across India.

Around 20 years ago, Simon Hawthorne and Paul Morley visited Uttar Pradesh, in India, and fell in love with its people. They experienced first-hand the caste system and the daily injustice the Dalit people are subject to. They wanted to help them, and show the world that the Dalit people have huge potential for creativity and craftsmanship.

30ml Rose perfume with 5 x diffuser reeds. Box H23cm.


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