Marcelo's Story

Marcelo Baldemor joined SHAPII in 1994 and was taught crafting techniques. Now 45 and married with three children, he works for SHAPII as a home worker. "I dream of seeing my three children finish college," Marcelo says, and SHAPII is helping to make his dream a reality.

One of his children studying at high school is assisted by the SHAPII Foundation, set up by SHAPII, which provides scholarships for workers' children. Marcello's wife works as a market vendor and the couple share responsibility for raising their family.

SHAPII Background

SHAPII is a family-owned business that started in 1987 with the objective of providing a sustainable livelihood for people in the local area.

SHAPII is an environmentally aware company whose employees share profits and other benefits. The large number of social benefits to producers include:

  • health insurance
  • a home development fund
  • pension plan
  • retirement benefit
  • interest-free loans
  • free eye check
  • company vehicle use in emergencies
  • meal out for exceptional performance
  • basic computer classes
  • English classes
  • free internet training and access
  • seminars
  • training (including local travel or trips abroad, for example, to trade fairs)

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