Moses Shisoka story

Moses Shisokha became disabled as a result of polio at the age of 6 years. His legs are thin and weak and he walks with the help of crutches. He is married and has been blessed with five children.

In 1990 a friend informed him about a project known as Bombolulu Workshops. He made an effort to visit the project but there was no job vacancy.

In 1992 he visited the Bombolulu Workshops again and got an opportunity to work on a contract basis producing banana fibre items.

Late 1992 the Bombolulu management saw a potential in him and recommended him for training in the jewellery making and on completion was employed as a Piece Worker.

"My time in Bombolulu has been very fruitful; I live like any normal Kenyan in a concrete house with electricity and water."

Forcing him to find other work

Moses Shisoka's family used to live with him at Bombolulu, but increasing costs mean they have returned to the shamba (farm) Moses was given by his parents - 720km from Bombolulu.

"My income is piecework so sometimes it depends on others. If you do not have good orders then sometimes the income is small so when my family stayed here it became a problem to buy the food and clothes." he said.

"In rural areas you can invest in a house, a shamba. I was given this shamba by my parents. I decided to take them [my family] home to take care of the shamba. I normally send money to them and then they get their daily bread."

"What I feel about the future is I hope we will get enough orders because I have fed my family through working at Bombolulu."

Bombolulu Background

Located in Mombasa, Bombolulu Workshops for the Handicapped was founded in 1969 as a rehabilitation centre. The project has grown over the years and has four sheltered workshops supporting 160 physically disabled craftsmen and women.

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