Swazi Tree Candles

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Both of the candles in this Christmas tree candle set have been handmade by expert candlemakers in an old cowshed in the Malkerns Valley in Swaziland. The artisans create the candles using the ancient technique of ‘millifiore’, which was a skill perfected in Italy to create fine glass sculptures. Here, the artisans use wax instead, and use this traditional method to ensure the design on the candle isn't corrupted by the melting of the candle. The glow of the candlelight refracts through the white wax inside, illuminating the design on the casing.

One candle has a handcrafted holly and berries design, while the other glows red with intricate snowflakes cascading down the sides. Now there’s room for a Christmas tree wherever you are.

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Swazi Candles was started in an old cowshed in 1981, by two South African art graduates and a designer. The cowshed was perfectly placed in Swaziland’s beautiful mountainous countryside. The locals were full of enthusiasm and eager to learn the art of candle-making.

‘Each candle you buy, someone gets to smile. Someone actually made that with his heart.’

(Bongi, Swazi Candles)

Set of 2. H10cm.


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