Selling Fair Trade in Your Church or Place of Worship

Traidcraft is a Christian response to poverty. We were founded in 1979 by a group of Christians who wanted to challenge the deep injustices embedded in global trade. We welcome everyone from all faiths, and none, to join in our endeavour of making trade fair.  

Today, over 3,000 churches across the UK play a vital role in helping us fight poverty through trade, by selling our award-winning range of products.

Not only are these churches bringing high-quality, fair trade food, drink and handicrafts to their congregations, but they’re making a huge difference to the lives of farmers, artisans and their wider communities, offering them a sustainable route out of poverty.

“Millions still live in absolute poverty and urgently need the sort of practical help that Traidcraft can offer. Selling fair trade food in church is a practical way of answering God’s call for justice for the poor.” 

Dr. John Sentamu, Archbishop of York

Whether it’s a weekly stall selling fair trade products within your church, or supplying your place of worship with fair trade essentials, it’s never been easier to open an account with us and get started on your fair trade journey! Here are the ways to get your church involved in fair trade:

1. Make Your Welcome Fair

Hospitality is at the centre of most churches’ welcome. A Traidcraft Catering Account will allow your church to easily order fair trade tea, coffee, sugar, biscuits and even our best-selling toilet roll!

2. Become a Fairtrader

Called to do more? Traidcraft started with volunteers selling fair trade in the back of churches up and down the UK. Many churches give the surplus they make to charities like our sister organisation, Traidcraft Exchange, or use it to fund projects within their communities. Find out more about the many benefits of opening a Fairtrader Account, and how to apply here.

3. Become a Fairtrade Church or Place of Worship

If your church or place of worship is involved in fair trade, why not be registered by the Fairtrade Foundation as a Fairtrade place of worship? We co-founded the foundation back in 1992 and helped to establish the standards that underpin today’s well-known Fairtrade Mark.

Simply email with the name and address of your place of worship, and your contact information to get started. You can take part in fun, inclusive fair trade events throughout the year too, such as Fairtrade Fortnight and Traidcraft Week.

Whichever path you choose, we look forward to hearing from you and wish you well on your fair trade journey!

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