Spring / Summer Catalogue (up to 10 free)

Spring / Summer Catalogue (up to 10 free)
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Welcome to Spring / Summer 2020 at Traidcraft!

As the weather starts to get brighter and lighter, our thoughts are turning to sunny morning cups of tea in the garden, trips out to the beach with tasty fair trade snacks in hand and enjoying time with friends and family.

This season, we hope you'll join us to enjoy the very best fair trade products, from speciality coffee and our award-winning tea, to smooth organic chocolates and beautiful ethically sourced artisan-made crafts.

You can view and download our catalogue online too >>

If you are a FairTrader, you can download the SS20 pricelist here. 

Catalogues are available in limited numbers, and are limited to 10 free per account. If you'd like further catalogues, you can order at a cost of £0.10 per catalogue here >>

  • Up to 10 catalogues free per account.


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