Soft Blue Pillar Candle

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This hand-poured pillar candle has been handcrafted in a soft blue, like the delicate light of forget-me-nots. Crafted using a tailored blend of RSPO certified palm wax, they dont contain paraffin, any animal-derived ingredients, or artificial fragrances. Even the wick is 100% cotton. It's designed to be kind to the earth and burn cleanly producing minimal soot and smoke. The air will be as sweet and clear as ever, so you dont need to worry about what youre breathing in. And your food might even taste better, too!

Small: H10cm x dia 7.5cm. Burn time: 39-42 hours

Medium: H15cm x dia 7.5cm. Burn time: 56-60 hours

Large: H20cm x dia 10.5cm. Burn time: 140-150 hours


No reviews yet!