Small Metal Heron Ornament (The Traveller)

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On the lookout for a fair trade way to bring a bit of quirkiness to your garden? How about an heron? Herons are graceful, elegant, and have an iconic silhouette which is easily recognisable. With his long and statuesque legs, this heron ornament will rise above smaller sculptures, casting them in his ethically made shade. This particular heron is the most thoughful of the three, contemplating his path across the garden.

This garden creature has been handmade by skilled artisans who specialise in metal working by hand. The iron has been brushed with a copper finish to create soft feathered waves on the body. He’s only going to get more handsome too, being specially designed to age with weather and time to create an even more antiqued effect. No-one else's heron will be quite like yours.

This product is produced by...

Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark has been supporting and empowering talented artisans since the year 2000. They’ve taken on a multi-talented crowd of paper crafters, wood carvers, metal workers, skilled and dextrous painters… And this is only the beginning. Noah’s Ark is a hugely expanding NGO – and are constantly on the look-out for new craft techniques to develop.


  • H47.5cm x D34.5cm