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Traidcraft plc has almost five million shares in issue, most of which are held by some 5,000 individuals. Whilst Traidcraft is a public limited company, it is not listed on any stock exchange.

About Traidcraft plc Shares

Traidcraft shareholders are not seeking to maximise their profits but are using their capital for the social benefits that can be achieved through fair trade. However, some years we have been able to pay a modest dividend in line with the rate of inflation. This means that shareholders are not losing the value of their investment, and demonstrating to commercial companies that Traidcraft is operating in a commercially viable manner. We last paid a dividend in 2011.

Around 50% of our shareholders choose to donate their dividend to charity.

Alternatively many shareholders choose to donate their shares back to Traidcraft Plc or our sister charity Traidcraft Exchange. 

Share Options

1. If you wish to donate back or transfer your shares or dividends to either Tradecraft Exchange or Traidcraft PLC, you can do so by contacting the administrator at

2. If you wish to sell but wish to wait till we are trading, you can be added to that list to be notified when that is the case. You can do this by contacting


The Old Music Hall, Cowley Road, Oxford. OX4 1JE

3. For general queries our Shareholder register is managed by

Link Asset Manager - Ruth Cole, Client Service Department

The Registry, 34 Beckenham Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 4TU

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