Traidcraft Shareholders

Traidcraft PLC's Annual General Meeting

18th September 2021

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place at our offices in Gateshead on Saturday, 18th September 2021. With the lifting of many lockdown restrictions, legislation required that we revert to the format of a physical meeting with the option for shareholders to vote in person (by registering and attending the meeting), or by proxy and online.

We anticipated that for a variety of reasons, including COVID-19, many of you would be unable to travel to the physical meeting, and so we recorded the presentations and formal AGM proceedings on the day. The AGM recording is now available in a private space on our YouTube channel, accessible only to shareholders who have received the link via email.

If you are a shareholder and you are not registered for email communications but you would like to receive the link, please send an email with the subject ‘AGM RECORDING’ to stating your full name and the address registered against your shareholding. We will verify your identity and send the link to you at the email address you have contacted us from.

Please note that the recording will only be available for 1 WEEK and will be taken down at 5pm on Wednesday, 6th October 2021.

Watching the recording should be relatively straightforward but if you do have any issues, please let us know by again emailing
Best wishes from everyone at Traidcraft.

2021 Financial Report

Scam Alert

It has unfortunately come to our attention that scammers have been actively targeting Traidcraft shareholders. They claim to be representing an American wealth management fund that is organising a hostile takeover of Traidcraft plc. They claim to already be in possession of nearly 50% of the shares and are pressurising individuals to sell. The offer to buy is suitably tempting. However, this is a scam.

  • Traidcraft plc is not the subject of a hostile takeover bid.
  • No shareholder may own more than 15% of all shares.
  • The Foundation Trustees own a Guardian Share and can block any hostile takeover.
  • No shares have been bought or sold by anyone since the autumn of 2018 when shares were suspended.

We have checked all of our data systems and there have been no breaches. We do not hold shareholder data in any of our Traidcraft systems, and certainly not telephone numbers. However, it seems that the scammers have pieced together information in the public domain that goes back over several years.
If you are contacted by anyone claiming to speak on behalf of Traidcraft plc - or asking you to engage in any business activity with Traidcraft plc shares - please put the phone down immediately.

Can I still sell my shares?

Shares are currently suspended from trading.

Shares are suspended from trading following our recent restructuring in 2018. The company needed to make decisive changes to avoid bankruptcy and whilst these have been successful, we remain at the beginning of a long and difficult journey to full profitability.

The board determined that trading of shares was not appropriate given the relative fragility of the company and reviews this decision regularly.

This means that you cannot sell your shares. You may, however, still transfer them or donate them.

How do I transfer or donate my shares?

You may still do any of the following:

  • Transfer your shares to a family member or friend
  • Donate the shares to a charity
  • Return the shares to the company

If any of these options are of interest,

  1. Download the attached pdf Share Transfer Form. Filling it in is not difficult, and we have created some instructions for you in this downloadable handy guide.
  2. Once you have filled in and signed the form, please send it together with your share certificate to:  Link Asset Manager - Ruth Cole, Client Service Department, Link Asset Services, Central Square, 29 Wellington Street, Leeds, LS1 4DL
  3. If you no longer have your share certificate, please contact us at and we can arrange to issue you with a duplicate.

If you still wish to sell your shares

You may, of course, decide to hold on to your shares in the expectation that they will regain their value. We are doing everything we can to put the company back on the track to sustained profit and we appreciate your ongoing support and patience.

In the event of a death

In the event that a shareholder dies, we would ask the executor or family to please contact us at and we will guide you through the process of valuation and share transfer.

General enquiries

For general queries our shareholder register is managed by:

Link Asset Manager - Ruth Cole, Client Service Department
Link Asset Services, Central Square, 29 Wellington Street, Leeds, LS1 4DL