Robin Brooch Card SINGLE

Robin Brooch Card SINGLE
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This handmade card is a card and gift all in one. Expert embroiderers at Swajan Handicrafts in India have embellished this handmade robin brooch with intricate stitches, and attached it as a centrepiece onto handcrafted cotton card. The brooch can then be detached and worn on a jumper, coat, hat, or wherever you’d like!

By sending an embroidered card, you’re also gifting a piece of wearable original art. As each embroidered pudding brooch is created by hand, each one will be just a little bit unique. No-one else’s will be quite the same.

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Swajan Crafts was launched in 1999 to promote Bangladeshi handicrafts and offer its women artisans a better quality of life.

13.8 x 13.8cm.

Colours may vary


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