Recycled Sari Twine - Set of 4

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This vibrant textured twine has been designed for crafting, jewellery-making, or gift wrapping, but there are no limits to how you use it. It’s made from recycled sari fabric, so each roll of twine will be totally unique, never to be repeated. By recycling waste materials that would have been scrapped, artisans in Bangladesh have helped the environment and handmade an entirely new and beautiful material at the same time.

This set of four contains four colour varieties, though the patterning will vary due to the different strips of fabric being used. Go on, add a little Bangladeshi colour to your projects.

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Prokritee is a fair trade organisation in Bangladesh, supporting over 1,500 artisans to work together with the earth and build a sustainable income. These artisans are most often highly skilled women from disadvantaged rural areas, and without Prokritee’s help they wouldn’t be able to reach much of an audience to sell their products.


Set of 4. L10m.