Recycled Crayons Clock

Recycled Crayons Clock
£44.99 £37.49

We run our lives by the clock, so why not make it a bit more exciting, with a splash of vibrant colour in the form of recycled crayons! This innovative clock has been carefully crafted by artisans and is an excellent example of how we can incorporate recycling into our daily life.  
The crayons used to make this clock have been collected from a small town, 200km from Delhi, and are factory rejects which would have otherwise been thrown away and completely wasted.

Bringing a fun element to any home, this piece is certain to get your visitors talking. With a 22cm diameter, this clock is the perfect size for an office or perhaps a child’s bedroom. This is a best-selling product, so make sure to get yours while stocks last, tick tock, tick tock…

  • Crafted carefully by artisians using recycled crayons.

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