Rajasthan Handkerchiefs in Gift Box

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You're prepared for anything when armed with a hand printed cotton handkerchief. Whether it’s tucked into a pocket or your bag, once you start carrying a handkerchief around you won’t go back to paper tissues. By using a reusable cotton handkerchief, you’re eliminating waste, appreciating craftsmanship, and looking after your nose, too. Whether you’re an earth-conscious consumer, an hipster convert, or a handkerchief veteran – this fair trade handkerchief set is one of a kind.

These handkerchiefs aren’t only saving the world from waste, they’re also a symbol of handmade goodness. Artisans at a fair trade cooperative have block printed by hand a naturally soft and lasting cotton handkerchief with three authentic Indian designs. Keep them all or convert your friend to the ethical hankie.

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Aravali want to get people talking. Talking about crafts, traditional skills, fair trade, and how we can all work together to create beautiful original art.

Aravali was set up in 1979 against the rich cultural tapestry of Rajasthan, and the group strives to protect both the artisan and the skills they use to create their treasures. Aravali are going to make sure that these inherited craft techniques aren’t forgotten, and will live on in the homes of buyers all around the world for generations to come.

100% cotton. L40 x W40cm. Machine washable.