Quinola Organic Red Quinoa (10x400g) CASE

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In Incan legend, the Earth Goddess presented the people with the life-sustaining grain we know today as quinoa. It's packed with nutritional benefits, versatile, easy to cook, and can be served hot or cold. Naturally gluten-free, with slow-release carbohydrates and complex protein, it's an excellent alternative to rice. Of the quinoa variants, red quinoa is the equivalent of wild rice. Organic red quinoa from Quinola Mothergrain has been nurtured on a single plot of land high in the Andean mountains, cared for by traditional growers at the Cabana Co-operative in Peru. It's rich, nutty, totally untamed, and as good for you as it is for the earth.

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Quinola’s philosophy is deeply ethical. They believe that business is a good thing, but that business is also often horribly unfair to the growers themselves. They were sick of seeing the farmer bullied into a corner, and set about to balance the scales a bit.

Quinola’s quinoa is sourced directly from a group of 500 famers in Peru called Cabana Co-operative, based just north of Lake Titicaca. Quinola want to do things just a little bit differently, and make sure that all quinoa is bought under fair trade rules. No chemical nasties are used during the growing process, and the farmers use a mixed agriculture and crop rotation method which is better for local wildlife and allows the land to regenerate between harvests.

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