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Quinola Organic Express Pearl & Red Quinoa (6x250g) CASE

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Perfectly cooked every time, Express Quinoa from Quinola Mothergrain is practical, delicious and an healthy source of protein, magnesium, and 8 different amino acids. Combining the smooth texture of pearl quinoa with the rich nuttiness of red quinoa, this fair trade organic quinoa mix is ideal for making a quick gluten-free and cholesterol-free lunch in minutes, hot or cold. It's clean eating at it's finest – each pouch contains a mix of ready to eat organic quinoa, a dash of organic sunflower oil, and some hand-harvested seat salt. Absolutely nothing else. In Incan legend, the Earth Goddess presented the people with the life-sustaining grain we know today as quinoa. It's packed with nutritional benefits, versatile, easy to cook, and can be served hot or cold. Naturally gluten-free, with slow-release carbohydrates and complex protein, it's an excellent alternative to rice.

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Quinola’s philosophy is deeply ethical. They believe that business is a good thing, but that business is also often horribly unfair to the growers themselves. They were sick of seeing the farmer bullied into a corner, and set about to balance the scales a bit.

Quinola’s quinoa is sourced directly from a group of 500 famers in Peru called Cabana Co-operative, based just north of Lake Titicaca. Quinola want to do things just a little bit differently, and make sure that all quinoa is bought under fair trade rules. No chemical nasties are used during the growing process, and the farmers use a mixed agriculture and crop rotation method which is better for local wildlife and allows the land to regenerate between harvests.

  • Perfectly cooked, ready to eat either hot or cold
  • Heat up in just 2 minutes
  • Complete vegetable protein - it is regarded as one of the best vegetable sources of protein containing all 8 essential Amino Acids
  • Gluten and cholesterol free
  • High carbohydrate and fibre content - Slow releasing carbohydrates will make you feel fuller for longer without any risk of bloating.
  • Packed with flavour - cooks to a similar nutty, granular taste as cous cous
  • Fairtrade and Organic
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