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From the home of the olive tree, Zaytoun found its feet in 2004 as a community interest company, providing support to reams of olive growers in Palestine. Zaytoun sprung from a love of good food – and was initially funded by hundreds of olive oil enthusiasts who gave advance payments for an ethical, wholesome, and artisanal oil that’d offer them that feel-good feeling when splashing it on a salad, or making food for their loved ones.

Zaytoun has expanded massively since then, and now prides itself on building real, living connections between countless Palestinian olive growers and the foodies who know good quality when they taste it.

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Discover a new world of tastes with Zaytoun, who offer a delicious range of fair trade olive oil and ingredients from Palestine to add a lively splash of flavour to your dishes! Founded in 2004, Zaytoun originally set out to support struggling Palestinian farmers while living under occupation. Now, the award-winning Zaytoun range includes everything from fine fair trade olive oils to store cupboard staples such as herbs and spicesfruit and nuts, and grains to inspire you to cook up something new.

Funded by hundreds of ethical olive oil enthusiasts who gave advance payments for their premium olive oil, Zaytoun quickly established itself as a UK social enterprise. The aim of Zaytoun is to captivate the world with premium olive oils that are fairly traded, organically grown, and sustainably sourced from traditional olive growers in ancient farming communities. And they've certainly come a long way to doing it!

Their range of fair trade olive oil is truly rooted in time and tradition, and the olives are nurtured into being with respect for the earth and nature's cycles. Olive trees are the main source of a livelihood for over 1 million Palestinians, with today's growers learning their craft from generations of growers before them. After all, Palestine is the spiritual home of the olive tree.

It wasn't long before Zaytoun started to develop an even wider range of artisan foods, including traditional smoky freekeh and organic hand-rolled maftoul, all planted and harvested by growers throughout Palestine. But not only is Zaytoun top of their game in terms of supporting honest olive growers, they're also achieving great things in the UK too! Out of 12,300 products to be judged at the 2017 Great Taste Awards, Zaytoun was awarded two 1-star awards for their organic maftoul and smoky freekeh. This is a huge accomplishment, and the kudos has been passed back to the growers themselves, who are responsible for growing the wonder crops that go into Zaytoun's prize-winning fair trade food, oils and ingredients.

We have a wide selection of Zaytoun products available to buy online in our fair trade food range, so you can discover for yourself what makes them so special.