Traidcraft has been pioneering fair trade since 1979 and our Traidcraft food brand is based on a vision of changing lives through trade.

The Traidcraft branded range of fair trade food and drink covers a broad spectrum of categories: from quality tea and coffee, through to delicious organic chocolate and everyday baking essentials. 

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Ever since the beginning, Traidcraft have been pioneering new fair trade food and drink. They’re responsible for the UK’s first fair trade tea, coffee, wine, sugar, and even chocolate, and for over 35 years have committed to regular support and investment to all of their growers and farming communities.

The Traidcraft grocery brand is based on a vision of changing lives through trade. We work with growers around the world to source great quality fair trade ingredients and products so that you can enjoy good food that tastes even better because it helps to change lives. And we keep pushing the boundaries so that even more smallholder farmers can feel the benefits of fair trade.

Over the years, we have developed a reassuringly broad quality range of everyday fair trade items for you to have in your cupboard ready to serve up to your friends and family.