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Mama Mzungu: Fighting for those affected by Albinism in Uganda Across parts of Africa, due to societal ignorance about people with Albinism, many affected experience exclusion, stigmatization and the denial of basic rights such as education and health. Broad ignorance, misbeliefs and superstitions also endanger people with Albinism’s lives. In everyday life, those affected by Albinism, particularly as women and children, are frequently treated less than human and are not considered capable of amounting to anything.
Through Mama Mzungu, the social enterprise initiative was born. Under the economic empowerment arm of registered NGO, Women and Children with Albinism in Uganda (WACWAU), they have so far been able to create full-time employment for 13 women affected by Albinism in Uganda, who create high-quality, natural, artisan products such as hand and body balms, baskets, bags and lip balms. Passionately determined, with a hunger to show society what they are capable of, Mama Mzungu have come together with the following aims: - Cultivating sustainable job creation - Aiding economic empowerment and self-reliance - Changing the image of those affected by Albinism so that they can achieve a level of respect and acceptance they deserve In terms of environmental justice, Mama Mzungu: - Print all labels and promotional/point of sale materials on recycled paper - Do not use any plastic packaging - Use recyclable/reusable tins to package their products - Minimise carbon output by using manual sewing machines - Have a very low waste output; all soap trimmings are converted to guest soaps for the hospitality trade (where possible) or made into liquid soap for local consumption.

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