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MADE51 provides refugee artisans with a means to market their crafts worldwide. By collaborating with a global network of social enterprises, not only does MADE51 provide refugees around the world with a sustainable livelihood, but it also helps keep traditional craftsmanship alive and celebrates long-held artistic traditions. In the making of these products, refugees are given a way to earn an income, and the opportunity to rebuild their livelihoods and establish independence.

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There are almost 80 million people forcibly displaced worldwide. When refugees flee, they carry traditions, skills and craftsmanship with them.

MADE51 utilises these skills and combines them with contemporary design, to create the remarkable range you see here. In turn, these products offer refugees a way to earn an income, and the opportunity to rebuild their livelihoods and establish independence, as well as supporting them to preserve their cultural heritage, express their artistic traditions, and restore their sense of dignity and self determination. 

Partnering with the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), MADE51 ensure that the principles are fair trade are being met by the social enterprises. Many areas are assessed, including fair wages, good working conditions and no child labour.

A crucial element of MADE51 is being able to scale up and incorporate as many refugees as possible within the artisan value chain; from raw materials processing to crafting to logistical arrangements. Refugees are eager to get involved and be productive contributors. MADE51’s ability to scale up depends on buyers and customers. When orders are received and buyers commit to long-term sourcing arrangements, the local social enterprises can increase the number of producers and grow. Every product purchased is an investment into the future of these refugees, their livelihoods and the economy overall.


“Refugees have skills and talents that only need a chance to grow and flourish. Within each piece lies a story of history and culture, and the chance for a person who has fled war and persecution to offer something of beauty and style to the world.”

- Filippo Grandi - UN High Commissioner for Refugees