Liberation Foods is the UK’s only fair trade nut company where 44% of shares are owned by the farmers themselves. For many of these small-scale farmers, growing and nurturing nuts is their way of life – and to be part of an organisation that not only supports them but listens to them is something quite special.

Liberation bring together peanut farmers from Malawi and Nicaragua, cashew farmers from India and El Salvador, and Brazil nut gatherers from the Amazon rainforest to create lots of eclectic nut cocktails – widening the audience for nuts even further!

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We know Liberation as the home of fair trade nut snacks, and the place we can find our favourite quirky little bags of fair trade nut and dried fruit cocktails, including cashew nuts, brazil buts, peanuts, roasted corn, goji berries, ginger, and sometimes even a little touch of dark chocolate. But what else do you know about Liberation?

Liberation's vision is a world in which smallholder nut producers earn a decent, secure income, and can plan for the future of their families and communities. They are literally 'nuts about fair trade', and are determined to ensuring that the future of everything nut-related will involve supply chains where the growers themselves are actively involved. This will be a world where everyone involved – from the growers to the customers – will be empowered and connected by nuts!

Liberation was founded by the pioneering fair trade organisation Twin in 1997, and 43% of the shares are owned by nut-growing co-operative members across Asia, Africa, and Central America. Since they burst onto the scene, Liberation have taken the world by storm, supplying the majority of UK supermarkets with private label fair trade nuts, and launching into mainstream stores across the whole of Europe. Liberation stands proudly at the forefront of a movement towards a world of just ethical nuts, and is supported by a host of celebrity ambassadors, including comedian Harry Hill, and chefs Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, Anthony Worrall Thompson, and Gary Rhodes.

On Liberation's behalf, Twin works directly on development projects with the growers, focusing mainly on gender justice (and training the growers to become gender champions), sustainable agriculture, and improving business and quality management. Twin are sticking by the growers long-term, and as they train the growers, they're also learning about what the growers need and making it happen. A true partnership!