Enter the world of GEO, where fair trade ethics and a global mix of natural, wholesome ingredients come together to offer on-the-go snacks for just about everyone.

Created by Traidcraft in 1999, GEO champions the idea that good snacking should benefit as many growers as possible. By sourcing the finest blueberries, honey, raisins, dates, cocoa, apricots, and a whole host of nuts from fair trade co-operatives all over the world, they're doing their bit to change the this planet one bite at a time.

Last year we saw the last production of our GEOBAR range. With the supermarkets no longer selling GEOBARs, we were unable to sustain further production runs so the hard decision was taken to stop producing the GEOBAR range.

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When Traidcraft made the first GEOBAR in 1999 they didn't exactly know whether they'd take off. They wanted to create a revolutionary new snack that combined the highest quality fair trade ingredients from around the world with great baking. The rest was speculation! Back in 1999, the only widely available fair trade products were made from one ingredient, like tea, or coffee. But GEO was planning to bring together a world of ingredients, using as many fair trade commodities like dried fruit, sugar, honey, and other delicious nibbles as possible. After many hours in the kitchen and lots of scribbled down recipes, the first GEOBAR cereal bar was born!

At this point fingers were crossed, and GEO HQ waited with baited breath to see what the public thought. To their amazement, it turned out that people liked GEOBAR so much that HQ had to produce tens of thousands of GEOBARs a week, which meant that traditional growers all around the world were benefiting hugely from sales.

These days, GEO doesn't only bake wholesome cereal bars. They've expanded into a world of granola bars, fair trade GEOMUESLI, GEOBAKE biscuits and cookies, and even organic raw fruit bars. Their aim is to produce delicious ethical snacks that can be taken with you on all your adventures, whether you're hiking the Himalayas or battling the commute to work. Most recently GEO has produced GEOSTICKS, their first crisped rice snack that's completely gluten free, dairy free, and a healthy wholesome snack for on-the-go. Who knows what they'll do next?