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Fish4Ever are the only canned fish brand in the UK to insist on organic land ingredients, and will always have ‘catch to can’ traceability. By using small boats, supporting local fishermen and their communities, saying no to fishing methods that cause damage to the sea floor, and avoiding all known risks of catching juvenile fish or endangered species – Fish4Ever is proving that fish can be better for you, be better for fishermen, and be better for the environment.

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With a maximum of four steps between catching and canning the fish, Fish4Ever’s process is as simple as could be. They know that true sustainability unites the land, the sea, and the people, and the only way to know the process is as eco-friendly and non-damaging as possible is to make the journey from the sea to your plate totally transparent. Enter the code on the side of your can on the Fish4Ever website to discover where your fish was caught.

In terms of the land, Fish4Ever is the only canned fish brand in the UK to insist on organic land ingredients, addressing the issues of intensive farming and the uses of harmful chemicals that not only damage the land, but trickle through river systems to pollute coastal waters too.

Sustainable choices should always promote fishing that doesn’t damage sea life or their habitat. All of the fish through Fish4Ever are caught with very selective equipment in precise parts of the sea. None of the methods used damage the sea floor, and they avoid all known risks to catching juvenile fish or endangered species.

And finally, Fish4Ever support only local boats and traditional fishing communities who truly know the ways of the sea. These are small groups of fishermen who ever fish far from their port of origin, sailing their small-scale artisan boats as they’ve done for generations. These boats fish carefully in extremely precise parts of the sea and only take the right amount of fish, no more. The fish is then processed locally, working further to support the environment and the local community.