Clean & Fair

Set up by Traidcraft, Clean & Fair is the UK's first Fairtrade Marked, biodegradable, and eco-friendly household product range, made with natural, eco-friendly, plant-based ingredients.

Clean on the inside and Fair to the environment and people alike, Clean & Fair has paved the way for a far more natural way to clean your home.

Products by Clean & Fair

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‘When the palm is grown organically and the sales are under fair trading conditions, the land and the farmers say THANK YOU!’

(Walter Loyoga, member of a farmer association linked to Natural Habitats)

Naturally pioneering by nature, Traidcraft set up Clean & Fair in 2014 to show the world that it was possible to have a cleaning product which gave great performance whilst being great for the environment and for people too. As well as using fair trade coconut oil from India and a whole range of essential oils and natural extras, what makes the brand particularly amazing is the development of FairPalm, the world’s first Fairtrade, sustainably-grown, and eco-friendly palm oil.

Much of the palm oil that’s in the products we use everyday (from toothpaste to pizza) isn’t sustainable. It’s often grown on huge plantations, with whole ecosystems being wiped out to grow fields and fields of palm trees. The FairPalm used in Clean & Fair products comes from two fair trade palm plantations – Serendipalm in Ghana, and Natural Habitats in Ecuador. Both sources are committed to fair trade and organic practices, and support the growers with agricultural training and health care. Neither source uses any chemical nasties to increase production or reduce pests – they use organic, natural methods, and encourage the palm fruits to grow at their own pace.

Products in the Clean & Fair range are all hypoallergenic, made from naturally derived raw ingredients, paraben free, fragranced with natural essential oils, aren’t tested on animals, and are manufactured in the UK. They’re timeless, earth-friendly, and are supporting conscientious FairPalm growers around the world.