Simply put, Cafédirect are pioneers. They were the first mainstream coffee brand in the UK to wear the Fairtrade Mark, and since then have improved the lives of nearly 2 million people in 12 developing countries.

Cafédirect believe things that are made better, taste better, and so build strong, long-term relationships with over 40 producer groups across Latin America, Asia, and Africa. These relationships are about more than just coffee – Cafédirect reinvest at least a third of their profits back into the farming communities, so every sip you take is a step towards the future of a blooming coffee farm!

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Cafédirect was born from a need to protect smallholder coffee growers from being forced to sell their beans at rock bottom prices. Until 1989, the international coffee agreement had fixed global prices at a level which matched the cost of production. After this collapsed, shadowy middlemen swooped in to buy all the coffee they could, leaving all the smallholder farmers with no option other than to sell their harvests for whatever they could. This was when Cafédirect stepped up to sell their first three coffees, shipped in single containers from Peru, Costa Rica, and Mexico. And the rest is history. Since then, Cafédirect has won 30 Great Taste Awards, with 7 Cafédirect products winning the Gold Star in 2014 alone!

Minimising their impact on the environment is hugely important to Cafédirect, and so far, over a quarter of Cafédirect's products are certified as Soil Association Organic. For the last 4 years they’ve been using their own custom-made carbon footprint tool to assess the size of their impact on the environment, and using the results to create ways to counteract it.

All of Cafédirect's carbon emissions are offset in innovative ways that benefit the growers - for example by funding projects to help smallholder growers adapt to the effects of climate change, and by reducing their packaging. The newly designed Cafédirect coffee pods use 60% less packaging and have lowered their carbon footprint by an impressive 50%!

But it's the growers that are at the heart of everything Cafédirect does. They hold 2 out of 8 seats of the Board, contributing massively to the decisions that direct what Cafédirect will do next, and 89% of the farmer partners own shares in the company — meaning that they directly benefit from Cafédirect’s success. Just how it should be!