Aravali want to get people talking. Talking about crafts, traditional skills, fair trade, and how we can all work together to create beautiful original art.

Aravali was set up in 1979 against the rich cultural tapestry of Rajasthan, and the group strives to protect both the artisan and the skills they use to create their treasures. Aravali are going to make sure that these inherited craft techniques aren’t forgotten, and will live on in the homes of buyers all around the world for generations to come.

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Aravali started out as a small clothing boutique in Rajasthan. In the 1980s, its focus shifted from fashion to home décor, which opened up a whole new world of ways in which to collaborate with makers. Aravali currently supports the work of close to 150 artisans. Most of these are men working in block-printing studios around Jaipur. These are the artisans who create our handcrafted duvet covers and pillowcases, meticulously block-printing traditional Indian motifs onto eco-friendly, fair trade cotton. Aravali also work with women in Rajasthan, who are highly skilled embroiderers and seamstresses.

Aravali prides itself on forming long-term relationships with these groups, working with them year after year, offering long-term stability and sustainability through physical face-to-face contact and support. In addition to block-printers and embroiderers, Aravali now supports a growing community of potters and woodcarvers, promoting their traditional crafts and inherited skills to a world of eco-conscious and ethical shoppers.

Artisans working with Aravali