Poinsettia Recycled Tyre Tub

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Who'd have thought that old recycled tyres could look so beautiful? This large garden planter has been crafted by artisans in India from tyres that would otherwise have gone to landfill. By recycling waste material, being handled by fair trade artisans, and giving your garden plants a home - this planter is saving the earth in more ways than one.

Not only is this fair trade planter eco-friendly, it's also entirely handmade. The tyre has been shaped by hand and the outer surface painted by traditional painters at the co-operative. Painted in such a rich forest green with hand-painted flowers and fir branches, you might imagine yourself to be lost in the woods of Scandinavia. Each planter has the unique touches of the artist that painted it, so will be as unique as you are.

  • Made from recycled tyres
  • H32cm x Dia. 32cm

How the tyre planter is made:

  1. Recycled tyres are bought from the market.
  2. The tyre is cut to the size of the planter and sewn according to the design.
  3. The base is then attached with off-cut pieces of tyre.
  4. The tyre is washed and cleaned with water.
  5. Base colour is applied and left to dry
  6. The design is then hand painted on the planter.
  7. The planer is quality checked and then packed for shipping.