Poinsettia Recycled Tyre Planter - Set of 2

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Who'd have thought that old recycled tyres could look so beautiful? This set of 2 herb and flower planters have been crafted by artisans in India from tyres that would otherwise have gone to landfill. By recycling waste material, being handled by fair trade artisans, and giving your plants a home – these plant pots are saving the earth in more ways than one. Whether they're on a patio or on your windowsill, why not fill them with seasonal plants and add a bit of festive greenery to your home?

Not only are these recycled plant pots eco-friendly, they're also entirely handmade. The tyre has been shaped by hand and the outer surface painted by traditional painters at the cooperative. One planter has been painted with a pink base, and the other a green base. Both have been embellished with hand brushed flowers, leaves, and buds, which show the personal quirks of the artist that painted them.

  • Set of 2
  • Made from recycled tyres
  • H13cm x Dia. 19cm


2018 Traidcraft