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Our sister charity, Traidcraft Exchange, is supporting some of the world's most vulnerable communities through coronavirus - helping them to get the basics they need to survive and rebuild their livelihoods.

We are giving our full support to the Recovery Appeal, and would like to ask for your support too. If you are able, please consider making a donation. To learn more about the appeal, and how you can help, please see below.

The Recovery Appeal

The world has changed drastically, and the future is uncertain.

Together, we must respond and find a way to recover.

Across the world markets have closed - some may never reopen.

Crops have been harvested, never to be sold. Others are left rotting in the field.

School books – bought with hope of a better life for the next generation – are filled only with blank pages.

Parents are skipping meal after meal to keep their children fed.

For many, the economic and political aftershock of the coronavirus could be more damaging than the disease itself.

Sheuly, a farmer in Bangladesh, describes her situation:

“I have already faced so many problems in our area - market closed, communication closed, I can’t sell vegetables.

Roads are blocked in several places, my husband sells raw materials by van. His income is stopped.

People are starving. They cannot provide enough food to their children. People are very scared.”

This is the reality and things could even get worse before they get better.


But if you can respond, together we can recover.


If you'd like make a donation to Traidcraft Exchange you can doate by clicking the button below.

Like so many, we were unprepared for the devastation this virus would bring.

Normally, our work is about the long term - building livelihoods, increasing incomes for the poorest, and challenging unjust business practices.

In recent months, we’ve adapted to respond to those essential short term needs.

We’re already supplying food, soap and immediate support to vulnerable people - to ensure they have the basic things they need to survive now.

We are determined to continue delivering the basic means of survival as long as people need it.

But the basics are not enough. We need to prepare farmers for the next harvest, help workers to restore their livelihoods and do what we can to protect workers’ rights for the next generation.

Funds to deliver this vital work are now running low.

Put simply - we need your help to continue.

The recovery starts now

Together, we must rebuild businesses, support farmers, and help prepare people for a new and more challenging world.

Whether you can give £3 or £300 – what matters is that we take the first steps towards recovery together – because families and communities are depending on it.
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Our charity partnership

In 1986 Traidcraft Exchange (the charity) was set up by fair traders and Traidcraft shareholders to promote justice and fairness in trade - on behalf of people in some of the world's poorest countries.
Through development programmes in South Asia and East Africa, and policy, lobbying and campaigning in the UK, they have made a huge difference to the lives of millions.
Many customers of Traidcraft support the work of Traidcraft Exchange by making a small donation when buying products, purchasing charity gifts (add link to charity donation gift page) or by donating the profits from their fair trade stalls.
Traidcraft Exchange relies on contributions from Traidcraft customers to continue its vital work.
Thank you for supporting them on their journey