Olive Wood Jesus Cross

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An original piece of original wood carving, all the way from a fair trade cooperative in Palestine.

Carving techniques that have been passed down through generations for hundreds of years have been used by renowned woodworkers to create this olive wood cross, hand-cut in the shape of the name Jesus. The olive wood used is sourced sustainably, harvested from the natural offcuts from the olive groves. There’s a little hole in the back for easy hanging, though it’s wonderfully tactile and comforting to hold in your hand.

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As a result of relentless political unrest and constant economic hardship, Bethlehem’s handicraft industry is in serious danger of disappearing. Holyland Handicrafts have stepped up, and promised to preserve the history and practice of Palestine’s craft and design traditions and empower the artisan, too.

H16 x W11cm


2018 Traidcraft