Ngwenya 100% Recycled Spun Glass Fruit Bowl

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This spun glass bowl from Ngwenya is a real statement for any home. Should you wish to use it as a fruit bowl, have it as a centrepiece with little fairy lights or simply leave empty for a minimalist look is up to you. 100% of glass used to make this interesting bowl has been recycled – mainly from glass drinks bottles. The highly-skilled artisan who made your vase has been trained to the highest level in the age-old art of glassblowing – meaning that every piece is completely unique and has a wonderful story behind it! What makes this unique is that the mouth-blown glass has slender threads of glass incorporated into it – hence ‘spun bowl’. 

People from all over Swaziland and Eswatini collect bottles and are paid per kilo for clean glass taken to the factory to be recycled. Ngwenya is said to be the cleanest area around, because any bottle that catches the children’s attention finds its way into the factory!  

Ngwenya Glass is also concerned with conservation and organises environmental clean-up days along the main roads in their area. They do this by encouraging the schools in their area to do these clean-ups in exchange for donations of things like building materials or football kits. They believe that by educating our children about environmental issues, we will have a chance of saving our planet – something we couldn’t agree more with. 

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Ngwenya Glass

This unique story unfolded in 1979. A glassblowing factory called Swazi Glass Craft (trading as Ngwenya Glass) was set up as a Swedish Aid Project, employing and training Swazi’s in the age-old art of glassblowing. These days, they employ over 60 skilled glassblowers to create original pieces of art and train the apprentices.

Ngwenya Glass isn’t only an inspiring success story – it’s an environmentalist’s dream. The products (ranging from tableware to jugs and quirky glass animals) are all crafted from 100% recycled glass. And where do they find all this glass, I hear you ask? From waste soft drink bottles, gathered from every corner of Swaziland.

  • 100% Recycled Glass
  • Made in Swaziland
  • Height: 14cm x 24cm


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