Natural Soapstone Nativity Set

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An heirloom in the making, hand carved by Kenyan artists from natural soapstone. Each piece in this Nativity set is elegant, classically ivory-hued, and has been made to last for generations. This ancient stone has been used for centuries to craft wonderfully smooth sculptures, cool to the touch. Traditional stone carvers have brought this heritage craft to the modern home by using skills passed down through families and friends.

For an all-natural, eco-friendly Nativity set, handmade by traditional artisans, you can’t do better than this.

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Based in the rolling green hills of the Kisii province of Kenya, Kisac works with local artisans to produce hand-carved soapstone sculptures, trinkets, and treasures.

The Kisac group is made up of artisans, employees, and members, and together they’re dedicated to improving the social and environmental wellbeing of their stonecarvers by developing community projects, supporting them during the carving process, and by advocating their craft to the world.

Tallest piece H17cm. Colour and shade may vary slightly.


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