Natural Grey Rattan Baskets

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A set of 2 traditional carrying baskets, woven from natural undyed rattan. Rattan is a name given to a type of naturally renewable climbing palm, which is an invaluable part of the handicraft livelihoods of artisans in rural areas of Indonesia. When used in basket making, rattan proves itself as a lightweight, robust, and socially responsible material that the artisans can manipulate into many different designs and patterns.

These handmade baskets have been handmade by these traditional artisans, and are ideal for taking on a picnic, gardening, picking up a few groceries, or even storing magazines and craft projects. They have a wide opening for ease of use, and 2 twisted rattan handles to match.

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Formed in Jakarta in 1975, Pekerti provides over 50 artisan groups across the Archipelago with a reason to feel positive about life.


Set of 2. Large L53 x H27cm, Medium L42 X H24cm.