Nativity Set in a Bottle

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This miniature terracotta nativity is protected forever inside a tiny glass bottle. A marvel of micro-painting, this tiny nativity set somehow includes Mary, Joseph, Jesus, a donkey, and a cow – all inside a bottle that only measure 5.5cm long. And how did they even get in there?

Handcrafted and handpainted by traditional Peruvian artisans with very steady hands, this pocket sized nativity set might make a sweet little Christmas gift, or a little decoration for your desk, bedside table, or even your car dashboard!

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Manos Amigas (which translates as ‘helping hands’) partners with a growing collective of talented artisans across Peru to create handmade ceramics, jewellery, wind chimes, gourds, and textiles – all of them sizzling with real Peruvian spirit.

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