Nativity Nesting Dolls

Nativity Nesting Dolls
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A timeless set of nesting dolls, hand painted into characters from the Nativity story. Carving these nesting dolls is a traditional skill in India, and involves whittling with wood from the wrightia tinctoria tree, more often referred to as ivory wood. Keeping traditional skills and eco-friendly handicrafts in mind, the artisans have painted the Angel, King, Shepherd, Joseph, and Mary with natural vegetable dyes.

As each little wooden doll is painted by hand, each one will have his or her own character. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get from receiving a handmade gift, passed from the palm of a craftsperson into your own, is there?

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Since its creation in 1975, Asha Handicrafts has promoted the diverse skills of traditional Indian craftspeople to the world. When Mrs Iscah Andrews set up Asha, she knew that a single action was worth more than a thousand intentions, just as a journey of a thousand miles will always begin with the first step.

5 pieces, tallest piece H14cm. Christmas decoration, not a toy.


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