Nalini Glass Lantern

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Dream away the evening by candlelight with this handmade tealight lantern from India. Inspired by the rich glow of pink rubies and the rustic hue of old emeralds, this glass lantern glows like a precious gem when a lit tealight in inside. Each pane of glass is patterned with a textured traditional print which is brought to life by the flickering flame inside. Artisans have welded the glass pieces together by hand with rustic antiqued brass.

A handle attached to the top means that you can sit this vintage lantern on a table or hang it up. Imagine what a little cluster of glass lanterns would look like, lit up in the evening. Magical.

This product is produced by...

Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark has been supporting and empowering talented artisans since the year 2000. They’ve taken on a multi-talented crowd of paper crafters, wood carvers, metal workers, skilled and dextrous painters… And this is only the beginning. Noah’s Ark is a hugely expanding NGO – and are constantly on the look-out for new craft techniques to develop.