Mini Recycled Heart Shape Bowls - Set of 4

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This set of 4 heart-shaped bowls have been handmade by artisans at a fair trade co-operative in Vietnam. Old Vietnamese magazines are cut into strips and then glued into place. Each bowl will be completely unique, but will share the same bold colour palette.

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Mai Handicrafts

Mai Handicrafts started as a way to share training and ideas with women and ethnic minorities in Southern Vietnam, and since then it’s become the main source of empowerment and self-reliance to disadvantaged (and extremely skilled) local women.

Products are crafted from recycled materials, and share with the world a hint or two to Vietnam’s colourful but hidden culture. When you clutch an item from Mai Handicrafts, you’re literally holding a piece of history in the palm of your hand.

Recycled magazine paper

H2cm x L5.7cm x W6cm


2018 Traidcraft